Posted on Jan 27, 2020

Hassan and Associates

The Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 is fairly comprehensive and progressive. The law is a consolidation and updating of the 25 separate acts. The comprehensive nature of the law can immediately be gleaned from its coverage – conditions of service and employment, youth employment, maternity benefit, health hygiene, safety, welfare, working hours and leave, wages and payment, workers’ compensation for injury, trade unions and industrial relations, disputes, labour court, workers’ participation in companies profits, regulation of employment and safety of dock workers, provident funds, apprenticeship, penalty and procedure, administration, inspection, etc. These are the most comprehensive legal structures for labour welfare and protection in the world. This paper traces the regulation of labour law relating to working hours and leaves with holidays and maternity benefit finding out the national standards corresponding with the international standards and some other contrasting views.

Working Hours:-
Most labour law regimes mandate statutory limits on working hours. Initially, the imposition of hours limits was intended to ensure a safe and healthy working environment and adequate rest or leisure time between shifts..
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